The Konkan restaurants, in Harold’s Cross and Dundrum, offer excellent, authentic Indian cooking, and some of the best value for money that you will find in Dublin………………..whilst having a Cobra beer brings us right back to our back-packing days on the glorious sub-Continent.
There are lots of top class indian restaurants in Dublin, but none that hits the spot as consistently as the award-winning Konkan.
“Some restaurants, mainly small and family-owned, ploughed a lone furrow, offering fare of better quality and dishes of greater authenticity…….
Konkan’s food is unpretentious, honest, and generously doled out. Service was unobtrusive but informative when we needed it to be.”

“If you live in Dublin 6/8 area,check out Konkan (right) on Clanbrassil street. they serve the Best Samosas in town and the biryanis are exceptional.”

* Definitely recommend Konkan for anyone who loves proper indian food.
*the Tasting menu which was absolutely beautiful. Service was fantastic and I would highly recommend a visit to anyone in the area . Keep up the great work you are doing guys . We will be back .
The Inviting looking Indian on the canal end of Clanbrassil Street is the kind of ethnic restaurant every neighbourhood should have. Tucked away of the beaten track, you can almost always get a table, making it perfect for impromptu dinners. The early bird is a steal (Euros15 for two courses until you realise that the whole menu is excellent value with mains from €9.90 to €16.90
This new Indian restaurant is a welcome addition to the south inner city, filling a much-needed niche; excellent food at knock-down prices.
…complex flavours replace the expected blast of curry heat. Check out the hare masale ka jinga, a stew of prawns, greens and mustard sees so langourously rich it’s almost Cajun….Even the bhaji shows care in execution – it actually looks like an onion. Gregarious service, relaxed atmosphere
Since the mid-1990s, we have seen the development of both the Jaipur group and the growth of Bombay Pantry outlets.
There is also Konkan on Clanbrassil Street in Dublin 8; Cooking of the standard found in these establishments requires the skills inherent in somebody for whom the food is their native cuisine….
Talented chefs whip up quality Indian fare at this modest-looking restaurant with charming service
Konkan is a must for anyone who enjoys Indian cooking, provided by polite, warm staff in a relaxed setting full of character, all for a price that is hard to believe.
This is the Indian restaurant that everyone wishes they had around the corner.